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WITec Suite SIX – Data Acquisition and Analysis

Suite SIX is the newest version of WITec’s integrated software environment for instrument control and data analysis

It features an intuitive operating concept for all WITec instruments, including Raman imaging, AFM and SNOM microscopes of the alpha300 series, as well as RISE (Raman-SEM) and cryoRaman systems. Other imaging modes, such as profilometry and time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) for fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) or antibunching experiments, are also supported.

WITec Suite SIX enables researchers to move from setup to results with unprecedented ease. One integrated software manages the entire experiment, from initial settings and data acquisition through post-processing. Basic and advanced data analysis features accelerate the generation of high-quality images. The modular architecture of WITec’s software and hardware lets users quickly configure their instrument for each specific task.

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Key Features

  • One integrated software suite for instrument configuration, data acquisition and post-processing for all WITec microscopes
  • Intuitive and tactile operation of hardware and software with the EasyLink handheld controller
  • High-speed acquisition of large data volumes
  • Multi-user management for defining access rights associated with each user account
  • Setup configuration library for recurring tasks
  • Guidance through all steps of data processing and image generation (Software Wizard)
  • TrueOrigin portable coordinate system for easily locating the same sample area on different microscopes
  • Overlay of images from different measurements for correlating, for example, Raman chemical information with surface information from SEM, AFM or TrueSurface profilometry
  • Advanced image post-processing functions
Topographic Raman image of candy coating
Topographic Raman image of candy coating. The Raman image and the curved surface profile were recorded simultaneously with TrueSurface and overlaid using WITec Project. The white print consists of titanium dioxide (yellow in the Raman image).

Discover the WITec Software Packages

The WITec Suite SIX software package includes:

Compatible software packages are optionally available and fully integrated with Suite SIX:

Multi-user Management Option: Define User Profiles

The multi-user management feature in Suite SIX enables site administrators to determine the instrument functionalities and data access rights associated with each user account by defining and evolving group or individual profiles.

Each user’s rights to access, modify and process data can be defined individually. Additionally, user groups can be created based on positions, roles, departments, training levels or other criteria. Each group can be associated with its specific set of rights settings, which determine the available system features and data access rights and permissions. Assigning individual users to a user group will align them with its access rights.

The possibility to individually control rights and permissions ensures data integrity and thus assists industrial facilities in their efforts to comply with good practice (GxP) guidelines and regulations such as the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11. This is especially important for customers working in strictly regulated areas, such as pharmaceutical research and development.

Suite SIX multi-user management option: Define and evolve group and individual user profiles.

WITec Suite SIX: Accelerated Workflow and Enhanced Ease-of-use

Suite SIX was developed as a convenient and intuitive platform for microscope operation and data analysis. A range of features streamlines the experimental workflow.

Setup configuration library

Individual instrument configurations for specific tasks (for example: laser and spectrometer selection, camera settings, and more) can be defined, saved, and then reloaded with one click. This streamlines recurring experiments and high-throughput applications and lets even novice users perform measurements reproducibly.

The handheld EasyLink controller is a tactile and intuitive interface for operating automated microscope parts such as motorized stages, the objective turret, illumination, autofocus and many others.

EasyLink controller: the intuitive interface for WITec microscope operation
EasyLink: the intuitive interface for WITec microscope operation

Software Wizard

The Software Wizard accelerates and simplifies investigations by guiding the user through all steps of data post-processing and image generation.

The WITec Software Wizard simplifies investigations by guiding the user through data post-processing.

TrueOrigin portable coordinate system

TrueOrigin is WITec’s portable coordinate system for easily locating the same sample area on different microscopes. It maps a sample in relation to prominent features on the specimen itself or its holder. This expedites the correlation of data acquired by multiple techniques from the same position, even when the sample is moved between instruments. Imported images recorded with an external camera or a different microscope can be used for sample navigation. TrueOrigin is compatible with the Shuttle & Find system from ZEISS.

Intuitive interface

The intuitive software interface and the smart access options (e.g. drag and drop actions) simplify and expedite investigations.

WITec Suite SIX’s graphical user interface offers smart access options
WITec Suite SIX’s graphical user interface offers smart access options

Application Examples

Correlative Raman-AFM study of a polymer blend

Raman and AFM topography images of a PS-PMMA polymer blend
Raman image (left) showing the phase separation in a blend of PMMA (red) and PS (blue) and AFM topography image (right) of the same sample area.
Raman spectra of PMMA and PS
Raman spectra of PMMA (red) and PS (blue).
Overlay of AFM topography and Raman image of a PS-PMMA polymer blend
Overlay of the AFM topography and Raman image, relating structural and chemical information.

High-resolution Raman imaging of a pharmaceutical tablet

Raman imaging of a pharmaceutical tablet
Large-area, high-resolution Raman image of a painkiller tablet. The Raman image (left) is color-coded according to the Raman spectra (right) of the individual components, which were differentiated automatically with TrueComponent Analysis and identified using the TrueMatch spectral database software.

RISE (Raman-SEM) imaging of a battery cathode

RISE (Raman-SEM) image of a lithium ion battery cathode
RISE image (overlay of Raman and SEM images) of a lithium-ion battery (LIB) cathode. LIB particles of different compositions (blue, green) are embedded in the carbon matrix (red).


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