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ParticleScout – Particle Analysis and Identification

The industry’s leading 3D Raman imaging system now features ParticleScout, one of the most advanced tools for particle analysis ever developed.

ParticleScout can survey, classify, analyze, quantify and identify particles over even large sample areas. It enables measurements that proceed from a sample overview, to targeted investigations of particles in groups defined by the user, through a precise chemical characterization of individual particles. The results of the measurement are then presented in a report that provides a comprehensive description of the sample. ParticleScout leverages the speed, sensitivity and resolution of WITec’s Raman imaging microscopes to ensure quick and seamless particle analysis.

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ParticleScout - Find, Classify and Identify Microparticles

ParticleScout Survey
Enhanced sample survey and particle visualization capabilities: Bright Field/Dark Field, Image Stitching & Focus Stacking.

ParticleScout features the most flexible and useful sample survey capabilities available.

  • White-light Microscopy with Inherent Confocality: Bright field/dark Field, transmission/reflection.
  • Selectable Objectives: Sample survey and Raman measurements can take advantage of various objective types e. g. for an initial overview and subsequent high-resolution Raman analysis.
  • Image Stitching: Scans of many sample areas can be combined into one measurement for a large-area overview of widely-distributed particles.
  • Focus Stacking: This unique capability dramatically increases the depth of focus for sharp and defined particle imaging.

Advanced categorization tools facilitate the selection of relevant particles with unprecedented ease.

User-defined classification of particles by shape and size offers access to wide-ranging properties.

  • Categorization can be carried out according to:  Area, Perimeter, Bounding Box, Max. Feret Diameter, Min. Feret Diameter, Aspect Ratio, Equivalent Diameter and many others.
  • Application of Boolean filters for precise grouping.
  • Automated mask creation for subsequent Raman analysis.
ParticleScout Categorization
Wide-ranging particle properties can be selected through filters for subsequent Raman analysis.

Particle identification is quick and straightforward when your Raman microscope is equipped with ParticleScout.

ParticleScout makes full use of Raman imaging’s advantages in fast, label-free and nondestructive chemical characterization while accelerating the workflow for the researcher. In seamless combination with WITec’s TrueMatch database management software, the user can build a catalog of particles based on their constituent molecular components linked to physical attributes such as size or aspect ratio and produce a report that quantifies specific particles in a sample.

ParticleScout Identification Workflow

Comprehensive report algorithms make ParticleScout the perfect tool for finding correlations between the physical and chemical attributes of particles.

User-selectable combinations of filters can highlight relevant groups of particles to show their quantities and prevalence relative to other groups. This degree of customization in report generation enhances the effect of targeted investigations. From large-area imaging to high-resolution spectroscopy, the technology underlying ParticleScout provides thorough and detailed insight to the researcher.

ParticleScout Reports.
Examples of Reports.

ParticleScout Enhanced With New Features

The capabilities of ParticleScout have been extended by a set of new and advanced features.

  • Integration time optimization – reduces measurement time and minimizes the effects of fluorescence.
  • Vignetting correction – ensures uniform brightness throughout the image plane.
  • Smart zoom – displays particle information dynamically depending on viewed area.
  • Sample area targeting – allows the selection of multiple regions of interest for each investigation.
  • Dark-field, bright-field, epifluorescence and transmission sample illumination – provides the best option for each type of particle.
  • Round sample wedge sectioning – allows the selection of an area for data acquisition, typically on a filter, that can be extrapolated to represent the whole.
  • Smart separation of particles – differentiates materials in densely packed, heterogeneous samples.
  • Quantitative report formatting – presents data using table, bar graph histogram and pie chart templates for ease and clarity.
WITec ParticleScout time saving
ParticleScout's new integration time optimization feature: Time saving and efficient


Packed with our most advanced technology, ParticleScout will redefine your expectations for particle analysis tools and allow new approaches for your applications.

Environmental Science

In studies of pollution and environmental analysis, ParticleScout is an invaluable tool that can accelerate the characterization of materials such as microplastics and industrial waste.


Food Technology

ParticleScout is well suited to the analysis of water and ingredients used for food production. The measurement picture shows baking powder particles.



Drug delivery system advancement requires the characterization of powders and particulates in raw and final products. ParticleScout generates extensive reports for the research lab or the QA department.



Particle analysis studies are crucial in the development and certification of new cosmetic products. The measurement picture shows particles in a peeling cream, which were classified according to several parameters.


Industrial Applications

Production processes and clean room maintenance, including dust particle and residue monitoring, can greatly benefit from ParticleScout analysis.



Composition and particle analysis of mineral powders deliver profound insights when performing natural resource investigation, core material characterization or sediment analysis.


ParticleScout Video Introduction

Watch this video to learn how to determine physical and chemical properties of particles with confocal Raman microscopy.


ParticleScout has been recognized by The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards (TASIAs) as one of the most inventive scientific products of 2019. The Analytical Scientist is a print and online journal that covers the latest developments in measurement science. The goal of the TASIAs, which are determined by a panel of experts, is “To highlight the latest and greatest technology, instrumentation and software making waves throughout the analytical science community.”

Analytical Scientist Innovation Award

ParticleScout has received a Wiley Analytical Science Award 2021. This award recognizes outstanding innovation in equipment used for scientific analysis. A neutral jury of experts at Wiley created a shortlist from the full range of submissions, and then the readers of the print and digital editions of Wiley Analytical Science’s portfolio of journals voted for their favorites. The winners were announced during the Wiley Analytical Science Conference 2020 and ParticleScout won 2nd Place in the category “Spectroscopy and Microscopy”.



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