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TruePower – Absolute Laser Power Determination

Real Values in Real-time: Automated Laser Power Determination in mW

TruePower is a new experience in laser power adjustment for confocal Raman imaging measurements. The absolute laser power is measured in the optical fiber and can be adjusted with accuracy of <0.1 mW. A laser shutter shields the sample from the laser light and opens only during Raman analysis with optimized laser power to avoid any sample degradation. TruePower is the only laser power measurement system on the market to provide such an accuracy ensuring optimal laser power for the preservation of delicate samples and reproducibility in measurement conditions.

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  • TruePower allows automated and software-controlled absolute laser power determination and adjustment with 0.1 mW resolution.
  • TruePower is the only available laser power measurement system for Raman microscopes that provides such accuracy, ensuring optimal laser power for the preservation of delicate samples.
  • TruePower values are recorded with the Raman data acquisition and can be retrieved later – important for internal documentation and accurate reproducibility in measurement conditions
  • TruePower enables power series measurements, which allow the quantification of laser power-induced spectral changes.
  • TruePower is retrofittable for most WITec imaging systems.
WITec TruePower
With TruePower each laser’s output power can be set to an absolute value.


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