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TrueMatch – Raman Spectral Database Management

TrueMatch is a powerful and innovative software component for accessing and developing Raman spectral databases. With this technology, existing databases containing representative Raman spectra of common materials or substrates can be searched and used to identify sample components. It also allows users to create their own catalog of spectra pertinent to their research. It is fully integrated with the WITec Suite SIX software environment and is a perfect complement to WITec’s data evaluation and post-processing components.

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Easy Access, Quick Search, Positive Identification

Multi-spectral searches enable the user to identify several spectra simultaneously, using databases to return hit rates describing the probability of a match for each individual spectrum:

  • Simultaneous multi-spectra search (1:1 match)
  • Multiple component search: combine up to three database components to describe a measured composite spectrum
  • Automated and simultaneous demixing analysis of multiple components
TrueMatch Search Options
Principles of the various search options in TrueMatch: Simultaneous multi-spectra search (1:1 match); Multiple component search; Automated and simultaneous demixing analysis

TrueMatch Databases

Rely on existing databases or create your own catalog of spectra

TrueMatch allows users to utilize established libraries of Raman spectra or to create their own catalog of acquired spectra.

  • Compatible versions of ST Japan’s wide range of databases are available and can be implemented quickly and conveniently.
  • Extensive libraries of Raman spectra can be referenced while creating individual databases.
  • Database management is controlled from within WITec’s fully-integrated software and hardware environment.


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