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TrueSurface – Topographic Raman Imaging

Chemical Analysis and Profilometry in One Pass

WITec’s patented TrueSurface Microscopy option enables confocal Raman imaging guided by surface topography.

Topographic Raman Imaging, a technique pioneered by WITec, uses an advanced optical profilometer integrated within the instrument to provide one-pass simultaneous operation.

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The TrueSurface Principle

3D chemical characterization on rough, inclined or irregularly-shaped samples can be carried out precisely along or at a set distance from a surface without requiring sample preparation.

In confocal microscopy, light from outside the focal plane is strongly reduced by the detection pinhole. With the TrueSurface module the sample's surface can be kept in focus during the entire measurement procedure, irrespective of its topography.

The optical sensor controls the distance between the objective and the sample surface with sub-micrometer precision. Thus, any variation occurring during measurements with long integration times is compensated for, resulting in perfectly sharp and detailed images. 

TrueSurface Confocality

Application Examples

Topographic Raman image of a pharmaceutical tablet
Topographic Raman microscopy image of a pharmaceutical tablet with corresponding spectra.
TrueSurface Silicon Topography Chemistry
Topographic Raman microscopy image of micro-structured silicon.
TrueSurface Candy Sugar Topography Chemistry
Topographic Raman microscopy imageof indented text on a glucose energy stick.
TrueSurface Paper Surface Topography Chemistry
Topographic Raman microscopy image of cellulose fibers of paper.
TrueSurface Tooth Topography Chemistry
Topographic confocal Raman microscopy of the surface of a tooth.

Award Winning Technology

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