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WITec: Raman imaging solutions

WITec is a leading manufacturer of confocal Raman imaging microscopes for 2D and 3D chemical characterization. Our systems achieve the highest speed, sensitivity and resolution – without compromise. Their modular design provides the flexibility to configure each system for the individual requirements of our customers and to adapt to future challenges.

Modular Design: Confocal WITec Raman microscopes can also be integrated with AFM, SEM, SNOM or Raman-based particle analysis as correlative systems for investigating chemical and structural sample properties.

Welcome to the 20th Raman Imaging Symposium

Europe’s preeminent annual conference for Raman microscopy and spectroscopy brings the international community together.
Renowned speakers from academia and industry will illuminate the full spectrum of Raman analysis, from life science to building materials, astrobiology and energy storage, geochemistry through novel 2D materials, and biomineralization to functional materials and medical diagnostics.

Poster sessions offer attendees the opportunity to display their work alongside that of their peers in a relaxed forum conducive to discussion and contributed talks are a great platform for sharing their discoveries. The third day features equipment demonstrations at WITec headquarters and the chance to engage directly with the company’s development and applications teams.

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