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Correlative Microscopy Techniques

The modular design of the WITec microscope systems allows to combine various imaging techniques such as Raman imaging, fluorescence, luminescence, atomic force microscopy (AFM), near-field microscopy (SNOM or NSOM) and scanning electron microscopy in one single instrument without compromising the analyzing and imaging quality.

The integrated WITec software interface enables user-friendly measurement control, quick and easy correlation of the results and image overlay.

On this image, you see beautiful correlative Raman-fluorescence microscopy on a biological cell. Green: GFP fluorescence; yellow, pink and white: Raman signal of nucleus, nucleoli and lipids, respectively.

Raman-SEM (RISE)

The Raman-SEM (RISE) combination is a unique correlative microscopy technique provided by WITec. Structures in the nm-range detected by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) can be correlated to chemical Raman imaging from the same sample area.

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This picture shows correlative Raman-SEM (RISE) image of TiO2 particles. The Raman image is overlaid on the SEM image. Different modifications of TiO2 were analyzed by Raman microscopy (blue: anatase, red: rutile).

WITec Correlative Raman SEM TiO2


By combining confocal Raman imaging with AFM, the chemical composition of the sample can be linked with the surface characteristics. These two complementary techniques are available in combined Raman-AFM WITec microscopes for flexible and comprehensive sample characterization.

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WITec Correlative Raman AFM Polymer Blend
Correlative Raman-AFM image of a polymer blend. Left: Topographic AFM image. Right: Raman image. Red, blue and green: different polymers of the blend.


Combining Raman characterization with SNOM for optical imaging beyond the diffraction limit provides informative results for even challenging experimental requirement.

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WITec Correlative Raman AFM SNOM Photoluminescence WS2
Correlative AFM-Raman-SNOM-Photoluminescence microscopy of CVD-grown WS2 crystals.


One-pass topographic Raman Imaging (TrueSurface Microscopy) for operations on rough or inclined samples.

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TrueSurface Paper Surface Topography Chemistry
Correlative Raman-Profilometry microscopy of cellulose fibers.