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The WITec Techniques

WITec microscopy systems feature nondestructive, nano-analytical techniques such as Raman imaging, Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy. We apply our long-term experience with these methods to develop innovative imaging systems that ensure the best performance and reliability.

Whether you are interested in a standard or correlative approach, WITec is the established source for high-resolution imaging at its best.

Our key techniques are:

Confocal Raman Imaging: Spectroscopic method for chemically identifying sample components.

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM): High-resolution imaging method for visualizing samples’ topography and surface characteristics.

Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy (SNOM): Optical imaging with resolution beyond the diffraction limit (60 – 100 nm lateral resolution).


WITec techniques