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Raman Filter Sets

RayShield: low wavenumber access

  • Raman spectra measurements at extremely low wavenumbers down to below 10 rel. cm-1
  • Provides access to additional information from Stokes and anti-Stokes Raman signals close to the Rayleigh line
  • specialized filter set available for a variety of laser wavelengths (488, 532, 633, and 785 nm).

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Application Examples

Raman low-wavenumber MoS2
Raman spectra of different MoS2 layers acquired with an alpha300 microscope including RayShield Coupler (excitation wavelength: 532 nm; grating: 2400 lines/mm; integration time: 5s).
RayShield L-Cysteine
Raman image of a solution of L-cysteine in a mixture of water and different herbal oils. Most of the L-cysteine is dissolved in the water phase (blue). In the oil phase (yellow), an undissolved cysteine crystal (red) is visible. The green areas likely represent one of the herbal oil ingredients. The Raman spectrum of L-cysteine has characteristic peaks in the low-frequency range, which were clearly resolved by the alpha300 apyron equipped with the WITec RayShield coupler.


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