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WITec Suite FIVE – Data Acquisition and Analysis

WITec Suite FIVE - Make the Most of your Measurement

WITec Suite FIVE is a novel and intuitive operating concept for all WITec microscopes.

It includes a powerful software environment for data acquisition, evaluation, and processing of even large data volumes and 3D scans. The novel integrated wizard guides the user through the entire experiment, from initial settings and acquisition to data and image post-processing and simplifies the generation of high-quality images.

The unique handheld controller EasyLink provides a tactile and immediate interface for directing the automated translation stage, objective turret, illumination and focus.

The software architecture enables an integrated and consolidated functionality incorporating the various WITec techniques and measurement modes such as Raman, AFM, SNOM, Raman-AFM, Raman-SEM, fluorescence and combinations thereof.

WITec Suite FIVE transforms the user experience, enabling the researcher to move from setup to results with unprecedented ease.

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Key Features

  • Guidance through the complete measurement and image processing with the new software wizard
  • Intuitive and tactile direction of the hard- and software with the new handheld controller EasyLink
  • User-friendly software interface with smart access options for all principal functions
  • Accelerated workflow through intuitive menu guidance
  • High-speed data acquisition and processing through intelligent computer resource management (i.e. > 1300 Raman spectra per second)
  • Large data acquisition volumes per measurement (i.e. several million pixels per image, e.g. Raman spectra, PFM-curves)
  • Image overlay from different measurements e.g. overlay of AFM/TrueSurface topography with chemical Raman information
  • Advanced image post-processing functions for e.g. 3D imaging and volume visualizations
WITec EasyLink Controller
EasyLink Controller: the tactile and intuitive interface transforms the user experience.

Suite FIVE: A novel and intuitive operating concept revolutionizes Raman imaging

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New Applications

Software Wizard:

The new software wizard guides the user through the complete investigation, from initial settings and acquisition through data and image post-processing.

TrueComponent Analysis:

The unique post-processing function for confocal Raman imaging measurements automatically establishes the number of components in a sample, locates them in the image, and differentiates their individual spectra. It delivers meaningful results in a fast and convenient way.

Microscope Objective Library:

Saves and catalogues optical properties automatically with individual measurements; facilitating comparison and reproducibility.

The WITec Suite FIVE software package includes:

  • Control FIVE: High-speed data acquisition combined with complete instrument control
  • Project FIVE: Sophisticated data evaluation and processing (license terms cover the installation on an unlimited number of computers)
  • Project FIVE+: Advanced data evaluation and processing (optionally available)
Software Circle Menu
Intuitive software interface and smart access options for accelerated workflow and ease-of-use.

Application Examples

WITec Raman LargeArea Scan
Large-area Raman image of a pharmaceutical emulsion.
3D Raman emulsion
3D Raman image of an emulsion. Data acquired and processed with WITec Software Suite. (25x25x20µm³; 200x200x50 pixels; 2 million spectra).


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